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It’s a savage world inside a fuel injector

Think about it. Dirty petroleum products, heat, pressure and parts made by imperfect machines and people.

YET, these things hold together for thousands of miles.

When they get too dirty to run right, the computer even tries to help out by making changes in the duty cycle.

When that gets too much for the computer, you get a check engine light. By now, the injector is in trouble. It’s clogged, the engine is struggling to make the car roll and the catalytic converters and O2 sensors are overloaded, maybe failing.

Do yourself a favor. Do you like to save money? Of course you do. Get your injectors cleaned and in a year, the money you spent will be paid back by increased fuel economy and performance.

Think of it as resetting the clock.

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Making old fuel injectors new again

We get some really really dirty fuel injectors from time to time. Here are a few pictures of a recent order.

This is also a real good example of why you always want to do an entire set. The car had a code for one injector. The customer wanted one done. We explained that he needed them all done. He brought in all six and was glad he did!

The strainers were rotted so bad that they were plugging up the other injectors. If he would have brought in just one, the rest would have had to be done anyway. He saved quite a bit of time as well as down time and wasted money.

This also illustrates why pouring chemicals in the tank or attaching something to the fuel rail doesn’t really fix anything. You cannot replace these parts without pulling the injectors and having them done in a machine. The chemicals aren’t strong enough to actually clean anything anyway.

Note how bad the strainers and o-rings were in these pictures: 

old fuel injector parts

old fuel injector parts

old fuel injector parts

What new parts look like:

new injector parts

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